Directly to adults adopted as children and relatives of adopted adults:

For adopted adults:

Norcap Contact Register

Adoption Services for Adults now holds the Norcap Contact Register (NCR). This means that we can check to see if your relative had registered before Norcap stopped trading on January 14th 2013. We cannot accept new registrations.

  • We can check for you if you are:
    • A relative in the birth family and have applied to us for an intermediary (contact) service
    • An adopted adult who has applied to us for an intermediary service, or,
    • Where the adopted adult is deceased, a relative in the adoptive family who has applied to us for a service
    • An Ofsted-registered intermediary agency or local authority working with an applicant for an intermediary service or with an adopted adult who is trying to decide whether to search for birth relatives, for a small fee
    • An adult affected by adoption who applies just for the check, for a small fee


  • If your relative is registered, or not, we will:
    • Let you know or
    • Let your intermediary agency know if they have applied on your behalf
    • Check to see if your  relative is still at the address with which they registered


  • All information on the NCR is subject to the privacy afforded by the Data Protection Act.

    People who registered on the NCR did not agree to have their information disclosed without their consent,  so when a link is found we have to ask their permission to share their information with you. We would also need to check your ID for proof of relationship, or ask you to sign a declaration to that effect if it is not possible to prove relationship.

  • We can provide a search and intermediary service if there is a link

    If your relative has moved since registration, we can search for, and make contact with him or her on your behalf. If you have already applied to another organisation for an intermediary service they can apply for information from the NCR to help with the search.

    Please complete the Quick Contact on the right hand side of this page to enquire further.

Available now for Professionals:

A comprehensive training programme covering all aspects of working with adults affected by adoption: (see training programme). The training days can be delivered consecutively as a package, or individually to individual local authorities or to consortia at their own venues. Dates can be negotiated.

  • Birth Records Counselling and Access to Information (pre and post-commencement)
  • Overview :

    This training day is open to social workers who want to learn the legal, procedural and emotional issues relating to statutory work with adopted adults.

  • Intermediary Services for Adopted Adults, Birth Relatives, Descendants and other relatives now entitled to apply.

    Overview :

    For all agencies still offering this vital work, these days provide the opportunity to look at all legal aspects of the service as well as learning about the skills needed to delicately negotiate contact between adult relatives separated by adoption.

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We work with adults affected by adoption where the adoption took place in England or Wales.

We are very busy, but we will do all we can to avoid having a waiting list.

Warning to descendants of deceased adopted adults - currently any adoption records relating to adoptions before 30/12/2005 only have to be held for 75 years. Courts often destroy them well before then. We want to campaign to get this changed but it will be low on the list of priorities for the DfE.





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