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Adoption Services for Adults is run by people with many years of experience and plenty of expertise in searching and in working with adults affected by adoption.

Privacy Statement

Adoption Services for Adults (ASFA)

ASFA respects your confidentiality and your right to privacy.
Your personal data is protected by current UK and European legislation (Data Protection Act 1998 etc.
ASFA is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office (registration details).

What information does ASFA collect and how is it stored?
When you request a service from ASFA, you provide information about yourself which may be stored as a paper or a computer file, or possibly in both forms.
Details of discussions and any additional information supplied is added to your file.
Information from other agencies is also placed on your file.

Any information given to ASFA is kept according to our Data Management Policy, which adheres to current data protection regulation (Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation) and the Code of Ethics for Social Work (2012).

All staff are required to keep information about you confidential.
Only relevant staff, contractors and trained volunteers can see this information in order to carry out their work. We only share information with other organisations where it is necessary in order to provide a service or where it is legally permitted.

How long is your information kept by ASFA?
ASFA keeps your data after the service provision is ended. This is to allow service users or data subjects to return to take up the service again at some point in the future.
Where possible, data will be transferred to the Appropriate Adoption Agency to be added to the original adoption records.

How is your information used?
Your information is used solely for the provision of the service requested by you. This includes the administration of your request, as well as to comply with legal and financial regulations.

Who is your information shared with?
Information supplied to ASFA will not be disclosed to any other individual or organisation without your consent, unless it is necessary in order to provide you with the service for which you have applied.
Any information which is shared is kept to the minimum required for another agency to provide an effective service, or as required by law. Other agencies are also required to adhere to the provisions of the Data Protection Act. They must keep your data secure and only use it for the specific purpose we have agreed.

Permission exceptions
There is some information that we are legally obliged under certain circumstances to pass on, whether you give us your consent or not. This could happen where information is, for example, required to protect children or is needed to detect, prevent or investigate a crime.

Some people are unable to give their permission to pass on information about them, for example where they lack the capacity. They may have someone who can make the decision on their behalf. Otherwise, a “best interests” decision may be made under adoption regulations. If this is the case, where possible and appropriate, we will discuss the matter with those close to the person. Details regarding any conversations and/or decisions will be kept on record.

How can you see the information that is held about you?
You have the right to ask to see information that is held about you (a subject access request). The request should be made in writing to the data controller. It can be e-mailed to or posted to:

PO Box 4621

Certain information may be withheld from you. This could be if it is about someone else, for example, or it has been provided by somebody who has not given their permission for you to see it.

Can you request that information about you is amended or deleted?
If you believe that your personal data is inaccurate, you have a right to request that ASFA considers amending or removing it. This should be done by writing to the data controller (details as above).
ASFA reserves the right to charge a fee for repeated, unfounded or excessive requests.

Your consent
By providing ASFA with your consent, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Statement.

ASFA reserves the right to amend or alter this Privacy Statement. Any modifications will be made available on the ASFA website.



Jean Milsted
Registered manager
Adoption Services for Adults                         22nd May 2018


Directly to adopted adults and birth relatives of adopted adults:

Searching, Tracing and Intermediary services:

This is when someone applies for contact to be made with a relative lost through adoption.

The person making the contact on your behalf has to be registered with Ofsted

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